Scottish fashion…What do we think of it? Tartan? Tweed? Wool? How about the people? Because apparently to most we’ve constantly got a pint of irn bru and have masses of ginger hair. Can we really blame anyone for thinking this? With the launch of the new Disney Pixar film ‘Brave’ I feel we need to live up to our stereotypes. So get on your tartan skirt and go pour yourself a pint.


Tartan is never wrong. As traditional as it is, the fabric is fabulous. Be old skool and invest in a tartan mini skirt. This will tie in with the 90s revival, so combine with an oversized jumper or a micro crop top and accessorise with a cute bindi and backpack. If you’re feeling adventurous, get a checked shirt to do the ultimate pattern clash. 


Topshop do cool versions of a checked shirt with cut out shoulders and acid dip dye – three trends for the price of one! If you would like to be more sophisticated, then head to Topshop or Urban Outfitters and invest in their check minis. Topshop have a smart check pencil skirt which has a bold print without being overwhelming and still being suitable for work, while Urban Outfitters have more cutesy Renewal pieces which would look adorable with a button up silk blouse and bowler hat for a nod to Fearne Cotton’s style.

Now for the ultimate cherry on the cake, invest in the tartan Jeffrey Campbell Litas. They will add a pop of pattern and colour to any outfit and despite Litas being everywhere at the moment, i’m yet to see these grace the streets of Edinburgh! Did you know that Chanel get their tweeds made in the Scottish Borders? And who is more timeless and fashionable than Chanel and Kaiser Karl? Give a huge bow to Scottish fashion and invest in a boucle style tweed jacket, it will last you forever and is hinted to be a big hit for AW12.

Brave’s star is a fiesty princess Merida, who is a strong powerful ginger. I’ve really never seen a problem with gingers; they always have the best skin! And of course my ginger boyfriend might have a thing or two to say if I did… Currently our most famous ginger is Karen Gillan. The Scottish actress/model recently picked up the Scottish Style Icon award at the SFA’s. She made a name for herself on ‘Doctor Who’ and shot to fame for being a stylish, gorgeous red head. Really, what is wrong with her hair? It is gorgeous. Stay tuned to the EOFW blog to pick up some make up tips for red heads!